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Junior Aspire

What is the Junior Aspire program?

Our Junior Aspire classes are designed for skaters to learn the important fundamentals of figure skating and grow in their basic skills.   It's the only comprehensive group program in Grand Rapids for Basic 4-6 skaters who want to grow in their passion for skating in a fun and supportive group environment.

  • Junior Aspire classes are for skaters working on Basic 4, 5, or 6 of the Learn to Skate USA program curriculum.
    • New to skating? Start in our Learn to Skate classes first :)
  • Skaters will learn proper skill development and training techniques while fine-tuning their fundamental skating skills.
  • Instruction includes off-ice training,  individual practice time, and small group instruction. 
  • Skaters will also learn about goal setting and how to utilize their practice time.

Session 3 Info and Registration



4:45-5:05pm - Off-Ice Practice

5:10-5:30pm - On-Ice Practice Time

5:30-6:00pm - On-Ice Group Instruction



9:15-9:35pm - Off-Ice Practice

9:40-10:00am - On-Ice Practice Time

10:00-10:30am - On-Ice Group Instruction


Registration Link


Cost: $140 for a 7 week session + Plus a one time $18 Learn to Skate USA Membership

  • ​​​​​This membership fee covers all class sessions from June 2022 - July 2023 (Only paid at first registration of the season for your skater). We are a registered program with LTS USA with registered coaches who are trained and have background checks.  You will be registered as a member which includes additional insurance for your skater.

What's Included: Twice a week practices (both on and off ice) conducted by experienced and certified coaches.  Skate rental is also included

Homeschool Partnerships: For families registered with the Niles and Hamilton homeschool programs - we are excited to be able to offer you our skating school classes as your homeschooling elective.  To do so, please enter either "HamiltonFS2022-23" or "NilesFS2022-23" at checkout. 

What to Wear

On-Ice Dress Information:

  • Please dress warmly with gloves and layers. 
  • Comfortable and stretchy athletic wear is encouraged.  Please avoid jeans or baggy clothing.
  • Skaters should have their own figure skates
  • Helmets are not required but are allowed based on skater comfort level.

Off-Ice Dress Information:

  • Skaters may bring a water bottle
  • Hair in a ponytail
  • Supportive athletic shoes

On-Ice Curriculum

*Note that the Junior Aspire classes are for skaters who have completed Basic 3 of our Learn to Skate program*