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Figure Skating

Figure Skating Bridge Program

Our Figure Skating Bridge Program is designed for skaters to learn the important fundamentals of Figure Skating and grow in their skills.  The Bridge Program is comprised of group lessons for skaters who have passed level 3 and up of the Basic Skills curriculum of Learn to Skate USA.  

Instruction includes, group warm up exercises, and small group instruction focusing on strong skating skills, turns, jumps, and spins.

Skaters in the Bridge Program also have opportunities for show performances and competitions.

Figure Skating Group Lessons

Cost and Info

Cost: $240  for 12 weeks.  

Plus a one time $18 Learn to Skate USA Membership.  This membership fee covers all class sessions from June 2021 - July 2022.

Class Schedule:

Bridge LV1 - Basic 4-5

Bridge LV 2 - Basic 5 +

What's Included?

  • Includes 45 Minutes of On Ice, 15 minutes of Off-Ice   

8:15-8:30am - Bridge LV 2 Off Ice                                                            

8:35 - 9:20am - Bridge LV 2 On-Ice        

8:15- 9:00am - Bridge LV 1 On-Ice                       

9:05am - 9:20am - Bridge LV 1 Off-Ice    

WTR 2022

Dress Information:

  • Please dress warmly with gloves and layers. 
  • Comfortable and stretchy athletic wear is encouraged.  Please avoid jeans or baggy clothing.
  • Helmets are not required but are allowed based on skater comfort level.

Bridge Program Curriculum

Homeschool Partnerships

Are you part of Niles or Hamilton's Homeschooling Partnerships?

We are excited to be partnering with them for another season!  You must complete the appropriate registration with your homeschool partnership and complete our registration.  When you register with us, enter in the appropriate discount code "NilesWTRfs22" or "HamiltonWTRfs22".